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How I Help You Improve Your English


English courses in Nürnberg and surrounding area​

I offer one to one or group courses for different audiences 

Theme nights in Nürnberg

I help you to improve your speaking skills while playing boardgames or decorating biscuits.

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English courses via Skype or telephone

I can help even if you’re not in Nuremberg with Skype or telephone courses from anywhere in the world

Online Offers: EnglishToGo and English Tenses

NEW: My first online course EnglishToGo is now available 

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Learn How To Use The Present Tense Correctly Now

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5+ Years Of Teaching English

Hi! My name is Tamás Bradford, or Tommy for short. My family and I have been living in Nürnberg since 2013. I was born and grew up in Reading, UK. Besides my degree in European Studies with Modern Languages (German, Spanish) I got a TEFL (Teach English as Foreign language) degree. As native speaker I’ve been teaching English at several language schools, as well as privat students since 2013.
I would like to teach you the English language in a fun and enjoyable way, no matter what you need it for – school, holiday, your job or anything else. Together we work on your aims and reach them.

What my students say

Excellent teacher who will take your grammar to another level! Helped me to score very good in the TOEFL-Test. Good sense of humor included. Thank you Tamás!
I definitely recommend lessons with Tamás. The lessons are always well structured and varied. The explanations are very well explained with good examples. Tamás works on weaknesses and has a lot of patience. That is needed with because I last learnt English over 20 years ago

Look Around My English Language Blog

Here you will find interesting posts about the English language, as well as reviews of books, music and films / series for English learners.


How to learn a foreign language the best way

I’m going to give you some important ways to learn a foreign language. We’re going to look at the four key skills and how we can improve them:

How to perfect your listening skills in 6 easy steps

I’m going to write to you about how you can improve your listening skills in six easy steps. I am going to use the example of ABBA to help you, but these six steps can be applied to any band / musician you like.

The 6 Best Exercise Books for Intermediate learners

We look at the 6 most important books for intermediate learners. Depending on the type of learner, there is a book for everyone.

The advantages of learning with me are obvious

native speaker

I was born and grew up in England and English was the most common used language at my home

courses adapted to your needs

I would like to help you to achieve your goal and not teach you anything you don’t need. Therefore we constantly talk about your progress and your goals and I plan the classes accordingly.

fun classes & Great British Humour

Learning should be fun and as a Brit, I come with British humour

a friendly face and a friendly environment

Whether the lessons are in the comfort of your home, online or at my house, there is always a comfortable learning environment. Either way it will give the courses a personal and friendly touch.

qualified English teacher / trainer

I hold a TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) certificate

insider knowledge

I know how to learn a foreign language as I learnt and still learn everyday myself

Learn How To Use The Present Tense Correctly Now

Practice English wherever you areEnglishToGo
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