Learning English can be fun!

Would you like to have an exciting English course by a native speaker?

Then you have found the right place! As a native speaker and qualified English teacher I am here to help you improve your English in a fun way so that you can use the language to communicate with English speakers, read or write texts in English or enjoy films and music in English.

Imagine you are travelling to London. How do you ask about what’s going on? Or what is worth visiting? Or where you can get a meal or buy a gig or travel ticket? By improving your English you will be able to communicate and understand people and get much more from your trip.

Imagine there is an international trade fair. How do you get to know other people who are at the trade fair? How do you find out about other peoples’ companies? Or how do you find out about other upcoming events that may be of importance to your business. Improving your English will make it more possible to make your company more open to the international world.

Have you been thinking about improving your English for some time already? Somehow you never found the right motivation or something else came up? Now is the time! No more excuses!

As native speaker I understand how to teach English grammar and vocabulary practically enjoyably.

You can learn with me the following ways

dice for game nightpicture for new course
English courses in Nürnberg and surroundingTheme nights in NürnbergEnglish courses via Skype or telephone new starting March 2020: Online courses – English Tenses
I offer one to one or group courses for different audiences
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You would like to improve your speaking skills while playing boardgames or decorating biscuits?
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You don’t live in Nürnberg?No problem! Skype and telephone sessions are just as helpful and that from anywhere in the world.
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Who am I?

My name is Tamás Bradford, or Tommy for short. My family and I have been living in Nürnberg since 2013. I was born and grew up in Reading. Besides my degree in European Studies with Modern Languages (German, Spanish) I got a TEFL (Teach English as Foreign language) degree. As native speaker I’ve been teaching English at several language schools, as well as privat students since 2013.
I would like to teach you the English language in a fun and enjoyable way, no matter what you need it for – school, holiday, your job or anything else. Together we work on your aims and reach them.

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What my students say …

Excellent teacher who will take your grammar to another level! Helped me to score very good in the TOEFL-Test. Good sense of humor included.
Thank you Tamás!


Great conversations about music, 👍👍


Look around my blog

Here you will find interesting posts about the English language, as well as reviews of books, music and films / series for English learners.

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The advantages of learning with me are obvious

  1. native speaker – I was born and grew up in England and English was the most common used language at my home
  2. qualified English teacher / trainer – I hold a TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) certificate
  3. available for questions at any time – I am always available for your questions (also outside the classroom) and will answer them as soon as I can
  4. a friendly face and a friendly environment – There is no third person between us. Whether the lessons are in the comfort of your home, online or at my house, there is always comfortable learning environment. Either way it will give the courses a personal and friendly touch.
  5. great British humour – as a Brit, I come with British humour and I like to share it with you
  6. fun classes – learning should be fun!
  7. courses adapted to your needs – I would like to help you to achieve your goal and not teach you anything you don’t need. Therefore we constantly talk about your progress and your goals and I plan the classes accordingly.
  8. full of motivation – I always find the right way to get your motivation going again
  9. modern teaching methods – besides English text books, I like to use newspaper articles, videos etc.
  10. insider knowledge. – I know how to learn a foreign language as I learnt and still learn everyday myself
  11. fun theme nights – a great opportunity to speak in English and have some fun