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Perfect your listening comprehension with Ed Sheeran

Hi, one of the most important skills in a language listening comprehension. With the help this blog post, you will perfect your listening comprehension skills with Ed Sheeran. Let’s see what’s in the blog post:

  1. Who is Ed Sheeran?
  2. Some of his songs
  3. Perfect your listening comprehension

Who is Ed Sheeran?

Ed Sheeran is one of the most loved British singers at the moment. But how did he become one of the most popular men in British society?

His debut

Sheeran made his big breakthrough in 2011 on the BBC. His song ‘The A Team’ was the lead single of his debut album ‘+ (plus)’. This album went to top of the British charts. He then went on to win the ‘Best British Male Solo Artist’ and ‘Best Breakthrough’ in 2012. Since 2011, he has also won Grammy Awards and other musical awards, as well as breaking records (for example by debuting a single at the top two places in charts of many countries). Sheeran has been described as having ‘a melodic ability’ and being a ‘cocksure customer’. We can see that Sheeran divides opinion quite a lot amongst the public.

Some of his songs

Ed Sheeran has released numerous songs since his debut in 2011. Here are some of them:


This song is one of his best-known. It is a typical singer-songwriter song. The melody complements Sheeran’s wide range of lyric scope. Sheeran is also well-known for playing the guitar as well as singing, as we can see at the end of the track.

One of his earlier songs, this is more a dance song that can be heard in clubs. A song featuring different couples from different parts of the world, this song is about how people can rely on each other no matter what happens around them.


Probably one of my favourite songs by Sheeran, this story tells the listener about a relationship and how hard it is to keep going when two people are far away from each other. As we can see from the video, it shows Sheeran growing up as a child. It shows how he started playing music on a family piano to busking in a street. Sheeran wants to show his followers and listeners that he is just as normal as the rest of us, even if he does earn millions a year from all his songs and other merchandise.

Perfect your listening comprehension

Now it is time for you to perfect those listening comprehension skills. Find below a listening exercise. This exercise is for all levels. If you are a higher level, then you might be able to learn new vocabulary. If you are a lower level, you will also be able to learn from this exercise. You can find the answers at the bottom. Here is a tip to improve our listening skills in six simple steps.

The exercise is not the whole song, but just part of the text. Here are the lyrics for you to look at the answers.

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