Tutoring and exam preparation in English

Is your child not so good at English in school? Or they just can’t get on with the language in general?

The best thing is to learn directly from a native speaker, right? That is to say it is not always possible, right? But, I am a native speaker!

I offer tutoring for school kids in English, as one-to-one lessons or in small groups.

Together we will improve the things you have learnt recently at school and repeat the basics.
For years 6 and 10, we will prepare for Jahrgangsstufentests and go through previous tests together.

Exam preparation

Specially in the Faschings, Easter and Pfingst holidays, I offer intensive course to prepare for final exams (Quali, Mittlere Reife und Abitur).

Upcoming courses

  • starting 4th Feb 5:30pm: 10x 60 min Abiturvorbereitung
  • starting 5th Feb: 3pm: 10 x 60 min Vorbereitung Mittlere Reife
  • 21st + 22nd Mar: 2 x 8h Abiturvorbereitung
  • 18th + 19th Apr: 2 x 8h Vorbereitung Mittlere Reife

That is not to say I don’t help at other times of the year for your final exams. We repeat the grammar and vocabulary you learnt at school. Apart from written exercises, we will improve your listening and speaking skills as well. Above all, as a native speaker I know the best ways to improve each and every one of these skills. During the lessons, we will speak up to 90% of the time in English. Certainly, this is for me the most important part of the lesson.

My experiences

I have helped over 50 school children improve their grades in school. I have taught most of my pupils for over one year and I am accompanying them on their towards their Abitur. Importantly, we have brought their school grades up to the level the pupil wished for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do the lessons take place?
    The one-to-one can take place either at your house or here at my house.
    Nevertheless, the group lessons take place here at my house.
  2. How are the small groups put together?
    For course with small groups, I put the groups together for the same class and school type for example class 6 Gymnasium. The groups are of up to four pupils.
  3. What happens if I have to cancel at short notice?
    Before the class starts, you will receive a contract. You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance without a fee. After this, you will be charged 50% of the course fee.
  4. If we have friends in our class, can they be in our tutoring class ?
    Yes! If you already have a small group of friends you would like to be in a class with that is not a problem at all! Most importantly, there should not be more than four of you.
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