English theme nights

Learning English in a relaxed environment

Do you really want to sit in a boring classroom in the evening and learn English? Would you prefer to play games or bake and decorate biscuits?

Then, this is right place for you! Once a month, we will meet in small groups and learn English in a relaxed environment. Furthermore, learning English will become so much easier!

Master your speaking

In order to enhance language skills, we need to use them. Therefore, what better opportunity than to meet in small groups and just talk to people!

No one needs to be ashamed of having an accent or being able to speak well. We are pupils and we all want to learn.

I will present in the evening and I can happily correct your English. If you would like, then I can also explain certain problems you might have.

Come and join me and take part in my much-loved theme nights.

Theme nights to look forward to

British flagpancakes
All About Britain

On 18th February I would like to take you on a tour of my home country. What do you think is typically British?
Let’s talk about all things British and let’s taste some Cream Tea (Afternoon Tea, Scones and Jam).

Length: about 1.5 hours

Pancake Day

On 25th February we will have a pancake day.

Together we will talk about the tradition of pancake day in the UK and to top it off make and eat pancakes, while improving our English.

Length: about 1.5 hours
St Patricks Day

On 17th of March people all over the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
Let’s use this occasion to speak about the background of St. Patrick’s Day and how it is celebrated.

Length: about 1.5 hours

More Theme Nights / Afternoons coming up

26th March – British Music Night
23rd April – St. George’s Day
28th April – Partner Cities
30th April – Jazz Night

Private theme nights

Are you already a small group and you would to have a private theme night presented by me? Then contact me for an offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to take part?
    It costs €15 per person.
  2. What should I bring?
    You should have a good mood! 🙂
    Drinks and snack are included by me.
  3. How many places are there available?
    There are only 5 places available! Book your place quickly!
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