11 best series to improve your English

The 11 Best Netflix Web Series to improve your English

(You’ll find a short vocabulary list at the bottom of this article containing the underlined words. If there are any other words you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask).

With Netflix becoming more and more popular, Netflix has produced hundreds of different TV programmes. Here we will look at the best Netflix web series to improve your English and why they are good.

Why is netflix so popular?

There is a simple answer to this. Netflix has invested a lot of money into producing a wide range of different series in many different languages. Furthermore, it has also co-produced many series with national TV stations. Additionally, Netflix has also got the rights to many blockbuster hits for example Luther (BBC) or Prison Break (Fox in the USA). With the growing demand for Netflix web series, it is easy to see why Netflix has become more and more popular.

Do web series really help my english?

Yes, they do. Why? Due to the different vocabulary and grammatical structures used, there is something for every English learner whether it be a new slang phrase or grammatical structure. Not only, do they help with extending your vocabulary, but they also help with your listening skills. I wrote a blog post about how to learn a foreign language the best way.

The best netflix web series


Netflix has gained access to many brilliant actors from the English-speaking world. Because of this, they have produced some amazing crime series.

#1: Luther; Level C1

Originally a BBC series, Netflix gained the rights to this gritty, dark series about John Luther, who is one of the finest cops in London. He follows the underworld and catches criminals as if they are out of fashion.

Why will Luther help me? This is one for those of you who are at a very high English level. It will help you improve your listening skills and become even more proficient when it comes to speaking.

#2: 13 Reasons Why; Level B1/B2

An original Netflix series that follows a class in an American high school. It shows how they all cope with different tragedies such as suicide and drug abuse. Despite this being a controversial series, it is one of the most popular series that you can watch at the moment.

Why will it help me? With vocabulary ranging from every day use to American English slang, it will make you sound more like a native speaker. Be careful not to overuse the slang in every day situations!

#3: Prison Break; Level B1+

An original Fox Series from the USA, this series also made it onto the much-liked list of Netflix fanatics. About a man, who wants to get his brother out of jail, he will do everything to make this happen. This series will keep you glued to your seat for the entire 5 seasons.

This will help you, if you are looking to improve your American English. The vocabulary is at times tricky, but you should be able to get through it with the help of subtitles. Once you are familiar with the characters and their accents (from all over the USA), you should manage to watch this without subtitles.

#4: You; Level B2+

An original Netflix series, which follows a man called Joe, who from the outside looks normal. But as the story unfolds, we see a dark character. It just finished its second season to big plaudits. Season three is on the way soon. Once you’re into this story, it’ll be hard for you to get out again.

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    #1: Fuller House; Level A2

    Fuller House follows on from the popular American series Full House from the 90s. The dialogues in this series are easy-going and therefore perfect for lower-level learners amongst you. I also reviewed this series in a previous blog post.

    #2: Sex Education; Level A2/B1

    With easy dialogues, a healthy dose of sarcasm and humour, Sex Education, now into season two, has to be one of the best comedy series to watch at the moment on Netflix. Why? Well, it follows teenagers around and how they deal with different sexual topics. The best character to watch out for is Otis’ mum: Jean, a sex therapist, who loves to be very OTT (over-the-top).

    #3: GLOW; Level A2

    An unconventional series that follows a woman and her desire to chase the American dream. In this case, her desire makes her into a wrestler. It follows dodgy characters and strange hairstyles. It’ll make you chuckle a lot.


    #1: The Crown; Level B1

    Based on the true story about Queen Elizabeth II (the longest-serving monarch), it shows how she made to make hard decisions in different eras of her reign. With no accents or dialects, this series is perfect for you as you will have very little problems following the storyline.

    11 best Netflix series to improve your English

    #2: Orange Is The New Black; B2+

    A series that follows women from different social backgrounds through their trials and tribulations in a female-only prison in the USA. The main characters to watch out for are Piper and Voz, two drug mules and lesbian lovers. This series will improve your knowledge of American English slang and the English language in general.


    #1: Roman Empire; B2+

    One of the better documentary series that Netflix have produced. This follows the fates of three Roman emperors, which coincides with the fall of the Roman Empire. First up is Emperor Commodus, who people knew for his love of blood, followed Emperor Julius Caesar and finally Emperor Caligula, otherwise known as the ‘Mad Emperor’. Narrated by two different people, with expert knowledge of the Roman Empire from historians, this will give your vocabulary a historical look to it. It will also make more proficient as well.

    #2: Tidying Up With Marie Kondo; B1/B2

    A series that is very hot at the moment. It shows how you should ‘learn to cherish everything that you have’. Fronted by Japanese expert, Marie Kondo, it is a series with eight different topics from ‘Tidying with Toddlers’ in Episode 1 to ‘Making Room For Baby’ in Episode 7. Watch out for the much-used phrase ‘Oh My God’ a very slang phrase used in English all over the world.

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